Central Asia

MIWC associates work in many of the countries of Central Asia. In these lands, the Muslim faith predominates, and Christians are forced to live underground. It is a dark and challenging existence for believers, and the churches are still under intense persecution. For this reason, we cannot identify specific locations or events. However, we are able to share that MIWC’s focus is:

  • Providing materials for the local church, such as training manuals, literature, and educational texts.
  • Working closely with national leaders in developing strategies for cross-cultural outreach work in their countries.
  • Training for national leaders through conferences, seminars, and institutes. In some cases we are able to travel directly to the country. In other cases, national leaders travel to neighboring countries for training and education.

We also partner with other agencies who are working in those countries, specifically in the area of church planting and strategic ministry planning.

If you are interested, please contact MIWC.


Map courtesy: U.N.