The Baltic Project

Phase 3 — Lithuania

The Lithuania Project began as an outgrowth of the ministry in Latvia. Ministry leaders from Lithuania attended Christian Music Academy activities in Latvia beginning in 2009, but expressed a strong desire to start a CMA affiliate in Lithuania in order to accommodate the needs of the local church, as it is not possible for all of those who would like to study to travel to Latvia. There are currently approximately 40 students in the CMA program in Lithuania, which started in November 2010 and based in two cities: Vilnius and Panevėžys.

In addition to supporting the work of our associates in Eastern Europe, MIWC would like to send additional teachers and musicians to provide educational and cultural support for the local church leaders. Please contact us if you are interested in partnering with this project.

Contact information:

Sergii Bilokin, Director of MIWC Europe
+372 555 209 16
To make donations to MIWC Europe, including camping ministries in the Baltics or Scandinavia, bank transfers may be made to:
Name of Bank: SEB Bank
IBAN: EE101010011722137227