Sergii graduated from the Christian Music Academy in Kyiv, Ukraine and completed master’s degrees at the National Music Academy of Ukraine and Irpin Bible Seminary.

His ministry work began in Ukraine as head of the music ministry at one of Kyiv’s largest churches. From Ukraine, he was called to Georgia, where he worked with MIWC and the Franklin Graham Association on two Festival of Hope events. In 2015 he relocated to Estonia as Director of MIWC Europe. As Director, he leads the annual Levite Conference for European ministers; organizes music training programs and camps; and networks connections between church leaders in surrounding countries. He also currently pastors the Tallinn Bible Church, which began as a place for Ukrainian refugees to gather during the Russian invasion in 2022.

Sergii and his wife, Nadiia, live in Tallinn, Estonia with their four children: David, Elizabeth, Stefan, and Mark. The family enjoys music, singing together, making new friends, and learning how to serve God in different cultures.

MIWC Europe

MIWC Europe grew as a natural extension of the expanding ministry in Ukraine. Sergii and his team focus on Russian-speaking churches in the Baltics and beyond, including Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland.

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February of 2022, a great influx of Ukrainian refugees into the Baltic region created a great need for ministry outreach.

MIWC Europe also actively supports ministry activities in other European countries, including Germany, where MIWC Associate James Janzen routinely travels to instruct on Biblical praise and worship principles.

Music Ministry in Europe

MIWC Europe's vision is that every nation will have effective musical leaders of disciple-making movements impacting their churches, cultures and countries for Christ. We are implementing this vision through:

  • Musical training programs for existing and new leaders
  • Annual Levite Conference, a gathering of music ministers and pastors who inspire, share, teach and conduct in-depth analysis of biblical foundations of ministry
  • Christian youth music camps
  • Building bridges and connections among churches and countries in ministry
  • Finding key-person(s) in each country to create a network of partners and friends who have the same fire and vision
  • Supporting Ukranian refugees who have fled to the Baltic region

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Sergii was born in a small village in Kirovograd Oblast, Ukraine, the birthplace of the evangelical movement in Ukraine. Both his great-grandfather and grandfather pastored churches. However, Sergii’s father, who originally led youth ministry, married a woman who was not a believer and left the church.

Though Sergii was born to unbelieving parents, he heard about the Bible and Jesus from his great-grandparents and grandparents when he was very young. Since both of his parents worked in a factory, his grandparents and great-grandparents often cared for him. Sergii remembers his great-grandfather’s home services, and vividly recalls the singing and preaching.

When he was around 3-years-old, he noticed a picture on his grandma’s wall called The Ninth Wave. It depicted a light shining down on a sinking boat. The sailors in the image were reaching up to the shining light as if reaching out to God. Sergii asked his grandmother if God would save the sailors. She answered him, Yes, even if they drowned, God would listen because they chose to trust and reach out to Him.

This impacted Sergii deeply and he remembers praying with his grandmother. Sergii accepted Christ when he was 9 and was baptized at 12.

He was appointed a leader of his church youth group even though he was younger than some of the others. Since he wasn't as big as the older teens, he soon learned to use his words to be persuasive, to lead and to encourage. During this time in high school, while he was away at a camp, his mother came forward to repent.