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Eastern Europe Update: Invasion of Ukraine

The Russian invasion of Ukraine, which began on February 24, 2022, created an immediate need for the transportation of refugees, humanitarian aid, and medical supplies. MIWC Eastern Europe shifted its ministry focus to meeting these needs. Please continue to visit this page for up-to-date prayer requests and information. 

Prayer Requests

Updated July 15, 2022

  • Pray for endurance and safety for MIWC's local team as they continue to minister. They are helping move refugees, bringing supplies, and transporting medical & aid workers. It's difficult to get the rest they need.
  • Praise! Vitaliy will be able to spend a long weekend with his wife and son this next week. This is a major blessing. Thank you, Lord!
  • Pray for the medical clinics: these are going well and Ukrainian doctors and medical personnel are working hard to care for those in hard-hit regions. MIWC is transporting and supporting these efforts.
  • Pray for the upcoming children's music camps. This next week Khotiv (Kyiv region) will host a camp to encourage children and reach out to those hurting and who need Jesus. The following week, Mukachevo will host a camp. A team from the USA will be joining local leaders to minister and share Christ with those in this area where there are many refugees. 
  • Pray for provision of the significant amount of giving that is required to continue crucial aid: fuel, food, necessities, and medical. MIWC is grateful for all those who have given to help and are trusting God for additional donations to cover the needs.
  • Continue to pray for opportunities to share the hope and truth of Jesus as practical needs are being met. Singing, sharing God's Word, and providing encouraging literature for adults and kids is making a difference.
  • Continue to pray for wisdom for MIWC leadership: in the individual ministry areas of Eastern & Northern Europe as well as in the USA and Canada. 
  • Pray for a miraculous end to this war. As Ukrainians watch the Russian army destroy and occupy areas in the south and east, it is hard not to get discouraged. So much destruction and all so senseless and heartbreaking. 


Each day, there are more signs of God at work even in the midst of horror and destruction. We remain so grateful for you and the partnership and prayers that allow MIWC in Ukraine to be a light for Christ and to minister to so many. God is providing opportunities to love, to share His truth, and to meet needs in such a way that hearts are being changed. Thank you for giving and for praying. To God alone be the glory. 


  • Ukraine is the hub for MIWC ministries in Eastern Europe. From Kyiv, our ministries reach throughout Ukraine into Moldova, Belarus, the Russian Federation, and into Central Asia and Caucasia.
  • At 42 million people, Ukraine is the largest European country. It is politically stable, but war-torn and still struggles with dependence on Russia. Much of the country identifies as Orthodox and widespread distrust of Evangelical believers exist.
  • Local MIWC Ukraine leaders have been busy preparing the next generation of leaders, sending them into Georgia and Tajikistan.



MIWC’s first long-term field project began in Ukraine in 1997. Its original goals were practical, due to poor economic conditions post-Soviet rule. They included improving Christian musicians’ skills, teaching business practices, creating opportunities for church outreach, and preparing the next generation of music and worship leadership for church health and growth.

Currently, MIWC Ukraine is very active continuing to educate future leaders. Annual summer youth music camps are now led exclusively by Ukrainians and camp locations are continually being added.

The ministry is strongly engaged in supporting military troops, churches, and families in the war-torn areas of the country, while also increasing ministry activity in the Chernobyl region, Kyiv’s inner city, and in Georgia and Belarus via music missionaries.