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Eastern Europe Update: Invasion of Ukraine

On February 24, 2022, Russia launched its current invasion into Ukrainian territory, creating an immediate need for obtaining and transporting humanitarian aid and medical supplies, in addition to rescuing and caring for refugees. MIWC Eastern Europe shifted its ministry focus to meeting these needs.

As the attacks continue, team members remain committed to these goals in addition to using their musical abilities to bring hope, peace, joy, and the truth of God’s salvation to their country. Please continue to visit this page for up-to-date prayer requests and information. 

Prayer Requests

Updated September 9, 2022

  • Continue to pray for safety for MIWC's local team – the need for prayer was never more clear than the last week when they were traveling to Mykolayiv and Novobohdanivka in southern Ukraine...constant sounds of enemy mortar attacks, defensive engagement, & fighting. 
  • Pray for healing and wisdom. Trauma and grief are everywhere. Again, so many unanswered questions and such uncertainty.  Every age bracket is struggling with their own needs, fears, and doubt. And some form of destruction, chaos and/or interruption to daily life reaches every inch of Ukrainian territory, whether at the front or not.
  • Pray that non-Ukrainians with means, skills, and time will be eager to travel and help with the aid efforts help cook food, to pack boxes, to bring supplies, to pray and encourage in-person, and to share God’s love and truth with refugees in the safer far west corner of Ukraine.
  • Pray for God's mercy to be evident in the coming fall and winter. The weather can be brutally cold in this part of the world.
  • Pray for the medical clinics. MIWC is still transporting Ukrainian medical teams, obtaining medicines, and supporting these efforts.
  • Pray for an end to the invasion and a return of Ukrainian territory. Pray for this to happen quickly!
  • Pray for provision. MIWC is stretched and is seeking church partnerships, grants, and faithful monthly supporters to provide money for aid and outreach. This will help the team continue to make the most of the opportunities to share Jesus and meet needs, which are great. The USA-based team saw constant evidence that Believers in country are not sitting back waiting for others to "do" for them. They have no livelihoods and yet they are volunteering for the Red Cross; they have no homes but are banding together in churches to live in community and work hard together to meet their own needs and those still on the front lines; and they are hurting but still sharing God's provision, love, and truth with any and all who cross their paths.
  • Pray for encouragement and resolve. Ukraine has begun a counteroffensive in the southeast. There have been advances and victories, but discouragement is a real battle. 
  • Continue to pray for changed hearts: one teen in west Ukraine, while expressing sadness and distress over the war, also was rejoicing that people – especially young people – are coming to church in large numbers and are choosing to follow Christ. Sharing God's Word, singing truth, meeting needs, and including Bibles and resources for adults and kids in aid boxes are all making a difference.


As the crisis persists, it is easy to stop asking for God to intervene but we are thankful for all the signs that people are still praying and giving! God is at work! We are grateful for you because you allow MIWC in Ukraine to be a light for Christ and to minister to so many. Destruction, grief, and anxiety are everywhere, but so are opportunities to bless and tell people about Jesus. Thank you for giving and for praying. Слава Богу! 


  • Ukraine is the hub for MIWC ministries in Eastern Europe. From Kyiv, our ministries reach throughout Ukraine into Moldova, Belarus, the Russian Federation, and into Central Asia and Caucasia.
  • At 42 million people, Ukraine is the largest European country. It is politically stable, but war-torn and still struggles with dependence on Russia. Much of the country identifies as Orthodox and widespread distrust of Evangelical believers exist.
  • Local MIWC Ukraine leaders have been busy preparing the next generation of leaders, sending them into Georgia and Tajikistan.



MIWC’s first long-term field project began in Ukraine in 1997. Its original goals were practical, due to poor economic conditions post-Soviet rule. They included improving Christian musicians’ skills, teaching business practices, creating opportunities for church outreach, and preparing the next generation of music and worship leadership for church health and growth.

Currently, MIWC Ukraine is very active continuing to educate future leaders. Annual summer youth music camps are now led exclusively by Ukrainians and camp locations are continually being added.

The ministry is strongly engaged in supporting military troops, churches, and families in the war-torn areas of the country, while also increasing ministry activity in the Chernobyl region, Kyiv’s inner city, and in Georgia and Belarus via music missionaries.