Arben and Irma were born and raised in the strict communist era of Albania’s history. They saw Albania opened to democracy in 1991 when the first missionaries were able to enter and preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.
Initially, they worked planting churches, but in 2011 felt a call to help their nation find its worshipping voice and raise up generations of Christ-followers for the future. They have given their lives to this vision through the Selah Worship Arts Ministry and have lived by faith for more than ten years.
Arben and Irma live in Albania’s capital city, Trana, with their son, Samuel, and daughter, Sibora.

MIWC Partner: Selah Worship Art Ministry

Selah Worship Art Ministry (WAM) was co-founded by Arben and Irma after a call from God to build up and encourage the next generation of worshipers in Albania and beyond and to make worshippers who are disciples of Jesus in Truth and Spirit.
Selah WAM focuses on teaching, training, equipping and encouraging worshipers, worship leaders and the Body of Christ in and out of Albania through the School of Worship and weekly activities, Worship Camps and worship Nights, Worship Evangelistic events and worship and prayer events.

Selah collaborated with MIWC in 2021, becoming its newest ministry partner.

Music Ministry in Albania

Selah Worship Art Ministry is unique in the Balkan region – the only organization of its kind raising up worship teams, training worship leaders and equipping churches for worship. There is a hunger for musical, theological and leadership training, and for discipleship and evangelism through music and the arts. Arben and Irma have no shortage of people asking Selah to come and minister, but they are are limited by a lack of consistent funding.

Albania is a developing country with very little money to spend on worship training and education. Since the 15th century Albania has been under the constant invasion of other nations, religions and doctrines. Between 1945-1991, Albanians suffered under a very severe communist dictatorship regime (comparable to North Korea today). During this time, all religious buildings were destroyed or used for propaganda purposes and any religious practices could result in imprisonment or martyrdom.

Even in today’s democracy, Christians are in the minority. The needs are great, and your partnership can make a huge difference.

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We are Arben (Ben) & Irma Xhako. We have 2 children.
We are the founders and leaders of Selah Worship Art Ministry, located in Albania.
After nearly five and a half centuries under the Ottoman empire, five decades of isolation and 23 years of a constitutional ban of any faith and religion practice, Albania opened up for the Gospel in 1991 when the Communist regime fell. We were both teenagers then, faithless and wondering.
We became believers in the next few years to come and were amongst the few first believers in our respective young churches. Ben got involved in a non Christian blues and jazz band before committing his life to Christ, became a worship leader and was one of the first appointed worship leaders in Albania. Irma committed her life to Jesus through her translation work for the first team of missionaries in her hometown.
We served the Lord in our home churches for several years each. After we got married, we moved to northern Albania to start the church in Pukam, where we served for 9 years. Since 2006, we have been helping in other church plants and have moved toward the calling of God to build up and encourage the next generation of worshipers in Albania and beyond.
We serve as a family with our children Samuel & Sibora. They are University students (Biotechnology & Veterinary Medicine).
Samuel is the Worship leader at IPA (International Protestant Assembly of Tirana) and Sibora helps there, too.


Greetings to you, brothers and sisters in Christ!
Thank you for serving Christ and for your prayers for Music Ministry and Outreach in the Balkans!

  • November Ministry to Muslims: Pray for the Xhako family as they travel to a nearby Muslim country next month to lead 72 hours of worship. Pray for safety and for open doors as they go into this closed country (one that is openly hostile to the Gospel). Pray for the church leaders who are in this country carrying out ministry in the face of constant persecution.
  • Financial Provision: Inflation has hit Albania in a very serious way. Prices are nearly double what they were a few months ago!
  • Staff Provision: Pray that the Selah leadership can identify additional ministry team members who can help with critical tasks in ministry and in the Training Center.
  • Training Center: Pray for focus and patience for the team leaders as they work toward opening the Selah Worship Arts Training Center. Also, pray for all the pieces that have to fall into place for the Center to open and run smoothly.
  • Housing: Pray for a building that can house the Training Center and for wisdom in whether to rent or purchase.
  • Unity: Pray for unity among national church leadersin Albania as elections for national leadership are coming up soon. Pray for wisdom, clarity, peace, and unity among believers as they go through this challenging process.