Brenden is from Livingstone and fellowships at Future Hope Church where he is youth director and Media Director, in addition to his position as director of the Zambia National Christian Choir and Orchestra. While he is not a musician himself, he very much enjoys music and says “music preaches” to him. His passion as church youth director is to challenge and train the youth to grow spiritually and help them understand the Bible. He equips them to know the Word and emphasizes evangelism. Brenden has a servant heart and is always concerned about those who are less fortunate, often volunteering with a local organization that works with the most vulnerable, which in Zambia is primarily the young and those afflicted by HIV/AIDS. He and his wife, Precious, live in Livingstone with their two children: Jayden and Elias.

MIWC Partner: Music Ministry Zambia

Music Ministry Zambia exists to reach out to those who know nothing about Jesus. It is a culturally-based ministry to those who are lost.

To reach into the villages around them with the Gospel, MMZ, which has a strong connection with Evangelism Explosion, focuses on preaching, performing with their Zambia National Christian Choir and Orchestra, and connecting people with local churches.

In addition to training church leaders and planning outreach events, MMZ is working toward sustainable national ministry through the creation of economic projects where their members live and work. The goal is to provide employment and resources so that the Zambians can support their own needs and ministry.

In 2017, MIWC began its partnership with MMZ at the invitation of its founders, Roger and Diane McMurrin.

Music Ministry in Zambia

MMZ conducts evangelistic outreach concerts throughout the year, but also focuses on meeting the physical needs of the people.

There are four ministry sites in Zambia: Lusaka, Chipembi, Choma and Livingstone.

The Chipembi site is home to the Chipembi Farm Project, a sustainable farm initiative that enables the people of the church to support their families and minister to others' needs in the community as well. A new well, sanitary restroom facilities and critical agricultural education have made Chipembi Farm a vital part of the ministry.

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Brenden first attended the Seventh Day Adventist church in 2004, at the age of 10, when a friend invited him to go. He became interested in Adventist Youth programs like marching and singing. He especially liked the marching, but stopped going because they told him he should also participate in the Bible classes, which he didn’t want to do.
He returned to church when he was in 7th grade, this time attending Future Hope Church with his mother. He went because he dreamed about being a doctor and he knew he needed good grades, as 7th grade was an exam year. Brenden was nervous about doing well. He told this to his mother and she told him that the only thing that could help was prayer – she said he needed Jesus.
So, Brenden went to church. His mom also told him he needed a relationship with Christ. When the preacher preached and asked if anyone wanted to receive Christ, his mom leaned over and whispered in his ear that that was what she had been talking about. So, he chose to be born again. Three months after receiving Christ, Brenden went to a baptism class and was baptized in 2008. He continued to learn and grow up in the church, developing a passion for Christ and becoming a strong leader.


Greetings to you, brothers and sisters in Christ! Thank you for your prayers for Music Ministry Zambia and the outreach of the Zambia National Christian Choir & Orchestra!

Updated October 2023

  • The Zambian economy continues to struggle. Please pray for God to give wisdom to the country's leadership (president and cabinet) on how to manage and balance the economy. Also pray for provision for the members of ZNCCO, many of whom are having to relocate to find jobs. 
  • PRAISE! Music Ministry Zambia has begun an education program for youth and children. Moses Ng'ona has been appointed as the Education Director for the organization and he has great vision and a passion to reach the young people of this country for Jesus through the joy and training of music!
  • These next months will be filled with rehearsals and concerts – opportunities to share the message of God's love and salvation with many. Pray for the preparations, the rehersals and the hearts of those who will hear the good news. 
  • The leadership of Music Ministry Zambia and all the participants in the Zambian National Christian Choir & Orchestra ask for prayer. There are many challenges for them and there is a deep desire for God to protect and lead the organization so that they may represent Christ with integrity and godliness.
  • PRAISE: from our German partners who have been monitoring the safety & health of the wells in Chipembi. There was wonderful news regarding the functionality and the eradication of the E. coli bacteria that had been originally detected. Plantings have restarted and the farm is up and running. Such an important part of the sustainability plan for this ministry!
  • Pray for the initial plans and timeline regarding the main ZNCCO offices that will be built. Pray for wisdom, volunteers with building knowledge, and provision.